Advisor-in-Residence Visits

Our Advisor-in-Residence programs allows interested institutions the opportunity to set-up shop on our campus. Students, this is your opportunity to look at the different programs offered at various institutions. Even if you are not planning on transferring for a year or more, starting this process early will just make things much easier and smoother!

Instant Admit Days

Instant Admit Days are designed to give you the opportunity to sit down with a transfer counselor from the participating school and, based on their review, receive your acceptance letter on the spot.

Transfer Fairs

Once each semester, we host a transfer fair that brings anywhere from 55 to 70 different four-year colleges and universities from around New York and surrounding states. These transfer fairs allow our students the opportunity to interact with the transfer professionals from various institutions and ask pertinent questions to help them decide what schools to which they will apply.