Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) FAQ

No, the EOP Supplemental Grant is based on need and program participation.

Check the appropriate box on the MVCC application, and click here for more instructions.

No. EOP and the Office of Accessibility Resources work together but are separate. Information on disability services at MVCC may be found by calling 315-792-5644.

EOP applicants are required to provide the Financial Aid Office with documentation of family income to verify economic eligibility for admission to the program. We must receive proof of all income, including non-taxable income. All income documents must state the total received for the year. 

Please complete and submit this EOP Financial Information Form; submission of the following documentation may be required, depending on your family's source(s) of income:

Taxable income:
  • Income: Copies of your or your parents' federal tax return and W-2 forms. If family income is mostly from non-taxable sources, and income tax forms are not filed, we need proof of non-filing, obtained by filing form 4506-T with the IRS.
  • Unemployment: 1099-G or equivalent statement.
Nontaxable income:
  • Social Services: Benefit statement from all County Department(s) of Social Services from which cash assistance was received.
  • Social Security or SSI: Form 1099 or statement from Social Security Administration of the Federal Government.
  • Worker's Compensation: Statement from appropriate agency Pensions, and/or or insurance company or VA non-educational benefits.
  • Child Support: Statement from County Child Support Collection Unit or copy of court document.

Please note: You must have a FAFSA on file with the Financial Aid Office to make your application complete. If you need assistance, please call Financial Aid at 315-792-5411.

The deadline to apply for EOP for the Fall 2024 semester is May 30, to give new students time to prepare for the Freshman Summer Program. To learn more about EOP eligibility and deadlines, email