Pre-Freshman Summer Academy

All students who are part of the Educational Opportunity Program are required to attend the four-week Pre-Freshman Summer Academy, a residential program designed to help EOP students prepare for their freshman year and adjust to the environment and culture of MVCC.

Attendance is mandatory for all students accepted into the Educational Opportunity Program. The Summer Academy is a highly structured and intensive program centered around academic course offerings that will strengthen students' skills in areas such as reading, writing, math, and communication. In addition to the required academic courses, accepted EOP students will also participate in recreational and social activities.

During the Summer Academy, EOP students will become familiar with the MVCC campus, the community, and a wide range of academic and non-academic resources. Students will also be introduced to performance expectations, workload, and behavioral strategies that are important aspects of college life and academic success.

In addition to EOP’s professional staff and faculty, paraprofessionals will serve as mentors and tutors in the EOP support system.

This year's academy will be held Monday, July 19, through Friday, Aug. 13, 2021. If you have any questions or concerns, contact EOP Director Salina Billins at

2021 Summer Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If students have been accepted to MVCC as a student enrolled in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), you will need to participate in the free EOP Freshman Summer Academy.

The summer academy is free for all students and includes all academic materials, housing, meals, and scheduled weekend activities. Students should only bring money for their personal needs and the weekend extracurricular activities.

YES! In addition to our professional staff, we connect you with current EOP students and alumni who serve as mentors to assist you with making the transition from high school to MVCC. Some have already completed a summer academy and are leaders and role models at MVCC and other SUNY EOP campuses. These student leaders will attend some sessions with you and help guide you from the moment you begin the online process.

All students receive their M Number with their college acceptance letter. You will use your M Number to look up your financial aid package, student class schedule, etc.

We encourage you to refrain from working, as your daily schedule is packed with schoolwork, activities, and workshops. You may not have time to work. We know this is a significant sacrifice for many of our students, and we hope to ease the potential burden by providing the Virtual EOP Summer Academy FREE for all participants.
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