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Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

The primary goals of SUNY's Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program are to promote academic achievement and excellence through academic advising, collaborative learning workshops, mentoring, and networking opportunities to prepare students for their academic journey beyond MVCC. Students accepted into MVCC's EOP participate fully in all campus academic and social activities and are held to the same standards as all other students at the College.

MVCC’s EOP provides access, academic support and financial assistance to first-time, full-time students who show promise for succeeding in college but may need additional support throughout their time at MVCC.

Benefits of EOP

EOP strengthens personal development and assists in building academic skills as students transition to the College’s social and cultural environment. We work to do this in the following ways:

  • Supportive and Individual Attention: EOP students have an EOP Counselor to assist them in navigating the College.
  • Financial Support: EOP students receive an EOP Grant to help subsidize the cost of attendance.
  • Assistance with Financial Aid: We help students navigate the process of applying for financial aid.
  • Academic Support: EOP students receive academic support through weekly study sessions, EOP Success Workshops, and peer tutoring.
  • Preparation for Transfer and Careers: We help to ensure that EOP students are ready to for both transferring to a four-year school and entering the workforce.
  • College Transition and Adjustment: All EOP freshmen attend the mandatory Summer Program in which they spend four weeks on campus getting to know the staff, college resources and personnel, and each other. Students also take classes in Math and Writing to ensure that they are classroom-ready on Day One.
  • Foster Youth College Success Initiative (FYCSI): Foster youth are eligible for additional services and funding to assist with applying for, enrolling in and succeeding in college.
  • Networking and Support System: Students are welcomed and immersed into an EOP family, which provides a pipeline of support for future generations of EOP students. Once accepted into the program, students are forever “Proud to be EOP.”


EOP was created to identify students who could succeed at the university/college level but may struggle to meet the financial demand. Click here to see the specific criteria students must meet to be eligible for the program.

Note: Applicants deemed ineligible for EOP may still qualify for admission and financial aid through other admission processes. Contact our Admissions Office to learn more.

How to apply for EOP at MVCC

Contact us:

Salina Billins Education Opportunity Program
Salina Billins

Email: sbillins@mvcc.edu
Phone: 315-792-5438



James DixonEducation Opportunity Program
James Dixon

Email: jdixon@mvcc.edu
Phone: 315-792-5395