Since MVCC is a part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system, your transfer process to a four-year SUNY institution can be smooth as long as you plan ahead and stay on course! This page will provide you with almost everything you will need to make your transfer process smooth and painless.

SUNY Online Application: Use this application to apply to any of the 64 SUNY institutions.

**Note: SUNY waives the application fee for up to seven SUNY college choices if you graduate from a SUNY two-year college. You must apply directly to SUNY four-year colleges for bacculaureate programs. Just make sure you indicate on your application that you have (or will) earn an associate degree and mark the "Transfer Fee Waiver" option on the payment portion of the application site.

SUNY Transfer Site: Lists transfer policies, transfer paths, transfer steps, and other important information to assist you in making your transfer process smooth.

Map of SUNY Campuses: An interactive map of all 64 SUNY colleges and universities.

FAFSA Codes for SUNY Campuses: List of the FAFSA Campus Identification codes needed for your FAFSA Application for every SUNY institution.

SUNY CEEB Codes: List of CEEB codes for SUNY institutions. These codes will be useful to send SAT scores, AP scores, and other documentation needed for admission.

High School CEEB Code Finder: Search for your high school CEEB code necessary for your college application.

SUNY Transfer Guarantee Program

An opportunity to continue full-time study at a four-year State University college is guaranteed to all New York residents who transfer directly from a SUNY or CUNY two-year college with an AA or AS degree. The transfer guarantee becomes effective if you are denied admission at all of your SUNY four-year college choices.

To be eligible you must:

  • File your application with the ASC by March 1 for Fall admission and by Oct. 1 for Spring admission.
  • Provide four-year campuses with an official two-year college transcript, showing three semesters of completed studies by March 15 for Fall admission, and by Oct. 15 for Spring admission.
  • Complete all required supplemental application materials by April 15 for Fall admission and by Nov. 15 for Spring admission.

Although campus choice and academic program are not guaranteed, SUNY staff will work one-on-one with each Transfer Guarantee candidate to determine how the applicant can best be served given campuses and programs that are open and suitable.