Just because you are attending a SUNY community college does not mean you cannot transfer to a private (non-SUNY) institution. Many of our students transfer to non-SUNY schools. The transfer process is relatively the same as long as you plan a head and read the admission criteria very carefully! Every private school can require different things. Below you will find some very useful links to help you on your transfer path. 

NYS Private Institutions: Information about the private colleges and universities located in New York.

Common Application: This application is accepted at more than 400 colleges and universities across the country.

CEEB Code Finder: Allows you to find the CEEB Code for the institution you are applying for. These codes will be useful to send SAT Scores, AP Scores, and other documentation needed for admission.

High School CEEB Code Finder: Search for your High School CEEB code necessary for your college application.

College Board: Allows you to research colleges, compare programs at different colleges, find estimated cost of attendance, etc.

FAFSA: Remember to update your FAFSA with the CEEB code of the colleges tow which you are applying.

TAP: If you are a New York State resident and applying to a New York State school, make sure you also fill out the TAP Application.