Faculty New to Blackboard

If you are a new instructor that would like to use Blackboard or you're a seasoned faculty member that would like to brush up on your Blackboard skills, there are a few people you can reach out to at MVCC.

  • Norma Chrisman, Ed Tech Manager - Contact Norma to set up a course shell and receive one-on-one Blackboard training.
  • Deb Otis, Ed Tech Specialist & Online Student Retention Coordinator - Contact Deb to be trained on Blackboard's Retention Center and explore how she can assist you with keeping students on track in hybrid or online courses.
  • Jocelyn Ireland, Instructional Design Librarian - Contact Jocelyn to learn more about best practices in online course design and student support.
  • General Blackboard Assistance - Ed Tech Office Staff

Recommended Blackboard Training Videos

Blackboard's help site for Instructors