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Adjuncts who teach at Mohawk Valley Community College receive a number of exciting and valuable benefits, most of which are offered at no additional cost. These currently include:

Professional Development

Workshops, seminars, and training sessions are offered throughout the academic year to all faculty and staff. Adjuncts are encouraged to attend as many of these professional training and development days as their time permits. Nearly all of these programs contain programming designed with adjunct faculty in mind. You're invited to contact me about programming that you would like to see us offer.  The 2014-15 calendar includes:

  • College-wide Institutes in August, January and May;
  • Adjunct Orientation (August and January);
  • New Faculty Institute (monthly August-December and February-April);
  • Educational Technology workshops (various times throughout the academic year)

College Committee & Governance Opportunities

Adjuncts have a voice at MVCC. Adjuncts may stand for election to College Senate, serve on design teams and in work groups and volunteer for committee assignments that explore and make recommendations about important College issues.

Other benefits available to adjuncts through Human Resources include the following:

  • Employee Assistance Program - available free of charge to all adjuncts;
  • Direct Deposit and Automated Payroll Processing (no additional charge);
  • Optional Participation in NYS TRS

Finally, adjuncts who are actively teaching at MVCC are invited to use the Jorgensen Athletic Center's many health and fitness options. There are conditions for use and a pass is required. A fee is charged. For more information, please contact the Jorgensen Athletic Center.