Immigration Transfer Procedures

Immigration Transfer Procedures for F-1 Students transferring from MVCC to a different academic institution:

What is an "Immigration Transfer"?

For immigration purposes, "transfer" simply means that a student is transferring from one school's SEVIS program to another school's SEVIS program. This can happen when the student:

  • Graduates from a U.S. high school and comes to MVCC
  • Leaves one undergraduate program to attend another institution
  • Graduates from one degree program and decides to pursue another degree at a different institution
  • Decides to enroll in a new degree program after applying for OPT

Who needs to complete an "Immigration Transfer"?

You must complete the immigration transfer procedures if: 

  • You are currently an MVCC student and decide that you want to pursue a degree at another college OR
  • You have been on post-completion OPT (Optional Practical Training) and will begin a new program/new degree at a college other than MVCC.

What do I need to do?

First, you should apply to the school(s) you are seeking to enter. As part of your application, some schools will ask you to submit a transfer form, which MVCC's International Student Services must complete. On this form, we will confirm your F-1 student status.

After you have been accepted to a school and decided that you definitely want to attend that school, you must submit the following documents to International Student Services so that we can release your SEVIS record to your new school:

  • SEVIS Release form. This form confirms the name of the school you wish to transfer to and the date on which you want us to release your SEVIS record. 
  • Transfer form from your new school (Note: Some schools might not have a transfer form).
  • A copy of the admission letter from your new school.
  • If you are on OPT, a copy of your EAD card.

How do I choose a date to have my SEVIS record released?

Consider the following points when deciding the date to have your SEVIS record transferred to the new school:

  • Consult your new school and find out if there is a deadline to have your SEVIS record transferred. 
  • Consider any travel plans you might have. If you will travel outside the U.S. before the start of classes at your new school, you must have a new I-20 from that school before you can return to the U.S.  Your new school cannot create the new I-20 until after we have transferred your SEVIS record. 
  • Know when your 60-day grace period ends. If you are on OPT or if you recently graduated, you must have your SEVIS record transferred before the end of your 60-day grace period. After your 60-day grace period, your SEVIS record is no longer active and cannot be transferred.  

What happens next?

International Student Services will electronically send your SEVIS record to the school you requested. Your new school can then begin to create your new I-20. For information about when your new I-20 will be ready, please contact your new school. 

Note: After we release your SEVIS record to another school, International Student Services will no longer have access to your SEVIS record nor will we be able to make revisions to your I-20. Please be certain of your transfer decision before asking us to release your SEVIS record. 

What if I want to travel outside the U.S. before I begin studies at my new school?

Traveling while your transfer is pending may be risky, depending on when your SEVIS record is released, when you will begin your new program, etc. Therefore, we urge you to inform International Student Services about the details of your travel plans so that we can best advise you.

Can I work on-campus while my SEVIS transfer is pending? 

If you are a continuing student, you can work on-campus at the school that currently has control over your SEVIS record. Therefore, if you are working at MVCC, you must stop working once your SEVIS record has been transferred to your new school. 

What happens to my OPT after I transfer? 

Your OPT automatically ends once your SEVIS record has been transferred. You may not work after that point. Therefore, please choose your transfer release date accordingly.