MVCC Honors Program Mentor Expectations

  1. Arrange a meeting early in the semester with your mentee to discuss: 
    1. Project expectations 
    2. Consensus on timeline/schedule and set benchmark tasks 
    3. Agreed- upon criteria/rubric for the project 
    4. Agreed-upon meetings for the remainder of the semester 
  2. Meet a minimum of once every other week of the semester to: 
    1. Narrow the scope of the project 
    2. Assess progress toward project goals 
    3. Document the days/times of meetings 
    4. Provide your mentee with assistance meeting project goals 
  3. Provide your mentee with critical feedback on: 
    1. Written work and allow sufficient time for them to edit their work before final submission 
    2. Oral presentation and communication skills before the Honors Symposium 
  4. Evaluate your mentee’s overall performance specifically focusing on: 
    1. The quality and accuracy of the student's research 
    2. The synthesis of sources and proper citation based on the discipline 
  5. Complete the mentorship by: 
    1. Submitting a brief assessment of the student’s work on the project, the final project itself, and the timeline of meetings to the HP201 Instructor 
    2. Submitting the student’s final graded project to the HP201 Instructor