Through the MVCC Honors Program, students will:

1. Demonstrate a commitment to learning by developing skills of critical thought and inquiry.

  1. Demonstrate rhetorical awareness.
  2. Critically assess their own work and the work of others.
  3. Demonstrate self-directed and self-reflective learning.

2. Use an interdisciplinary approach to answer questions and solve problems.

  1. Demonstrate familiarity with the ways various disciplines pursue knowledge.
  2. Apply and integrate knowledge across disciplines.
  3. Effectively communicate both oral and written discourse.

3. Demonstrate skills of effective research design and practice.

  1. Pose and refine research questions.
  2. Effectively navigate and organize library-oriented information technology.
  3. Evaluate and synthesize scholarly work.

4. Engage in the community.

  1. Effectively collaborate with others in a diverse society.
  2. Build an honors community by engaging with peers through group discussion, field experience, applied learning, and/or service activities.
  3. Work with college faculty to develop, implement, and present research projects.

5. Practice habits of ethical academic and professional standards.

  1. Apply principles of professional standards of behavior and respect for intellectual property.