MVCC Honors Program

A member of the National Collegiate Honors Council

Program Mission Statement

The Honors Program at Mohawk Valley Community College seeks to guide and nurture students in critical thought, multi-disciplinary exploration, undergraduate research, and meaningful engagement with faculty and peers.

Program Overview

The Honors Program at Mohawk Valley Community College strives to motivate exceptional students in all fields of study to develop to their fullest potential. The program enriches students’ learning experience through independent research, challenging projects, and collaborations with faculty and peers – all while preparing them for further study or a vibrant career.

Students must complete three steps to earn the “Graduate with Distinction” title. Completed individual steps will be noted on student transcripts.

Take Introduction to Honors (HP101)

Introduction to Honors (HP101) is a one-credit course. The course will prepare students to conduct an independent research project and help build community among the Honors Program students.

Take the Honors Seminar (HP200)

Honors Seminar (HP200) is a three-credit course taught by faculty in a variety of disciplines. The seminars will be interdisciplinary and discussion-based to emphasize deep learning, specifically critical reading and writing. 

Past seminars include:

  • The Business of Literature
  • The Romantic Hero:  From the 18th Century to the Present
  • Citizen X in the Brave New World: Identity, Individuality, and Society
  • A History of Hell: Dante to the Graphic Novel
  • Gender Studies

Complete an Honors Capstone Research Project (HP201)

Honors Capstone Research Project (HP201) is a one-credit course and the final step towards earning the Honors distinction. Students are encouraged to work with professors whose classes they have already taken and to consider all fields of study, even those outside of their majors. Students will meet regularly with faculty mentors, and at the end of the fall or spring semester, present their research at a formal reception to the College community. 


Contact Us

Michael Faitell
Phone: 315-731-5773
Office: Payne Hall, Room 324