The purpose of the Academic Program Review (APR) Committee is to rigorously review academic program outcomes and to evaluate impacts on students and the College as a whole and make recommendations to the appropriate parties.

Charter Sponsor

College Senate

Charter Contact

Committee Chair


  • Scot Connor(2024-25)
  • Ross Wittenberg (2023-24)
  • Aaron Fried (2022-23)
  • Al Chase (2024-25)
  • Melissa Thomas (2023-24)
  • Anna Radlowski (2023-24)
  • Michael Sisti (2022-23)
  • Robert Hyuck, Chair (2024-25)
  • Maureen Erickson
  • Matthew Fikes
  • Liz Doherty/Yue Riesbeck
  • Pat Gosier
  • James Lynch


  • Review all academic program reviews and make recommendations directly to the VPLAA and to the School
  • Review and refine academic program review procedures
  • Develop communication systems regarding APR changes throughout the College
  • Recommend professional development opportunities regarding APR
  • Make periodic updates and recommendations to the College Senate
    regarding committee actions
  • Submit annual report to College Senate

Does Not

  • Make decisions; discuss personnel issues; discuss contractual issues

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission front and center
  • Be creative and think big
  • Think about what’s best for students
  • Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue