Teach a New Course

Many high schools offer courses that are similar to those on our campus. Instructors often find that their class can be adapted to align with MVCC courses. For example, many 12th-grade Honors or AP English teachers offer our EN101 and even our EN102 courses.

We offer a wide range of coursework through Dual Credit. Please see our list of previously approved courses for Dual Credit. To compare your class with our Dual Credit class, please see our College Catalog for an accurate class description. If you would like more information on any of these courses, or a new course, contact the Dual Credit Department at dualcredit@mvcc.edu or 315-792-5500.

Dual Credit instructors must meet the minimum adjunct qualifications for MVCC. To learn more, visit our minimum qualifications page. Not sure if you meet the requirements? Contact us at dualcredit@mvcc.edu or 315-792-5500 and we can check your qualifications.

Course Toolkits

Digital Course Toolkits were created to support instructors for some of our gateway courses. Each toolkit is different, but generally they contain syllabus templates, supplemental videos, sample assignments, rubrics, OER, and active learning activities. They are available to all Dual Credit instructors teaching the following gateway courses.

  • AC115 Toolkit
  • HI101 Toolkit
  • IS101 Toolkit
  • MA110 Toolkit
  • MA115 Toolkit
  • PY101 Toolkit
  • SO101 Toolkit

Access to these Toolkits is through Brightspace. If you are interested in accessing a Toolkit, contact the Dual Credit Department at dualcredit@mvcc.edu or 315-792-5500.

Faculty Liaisons

We provide each of our Dual Credit instructors with one of our on-campus faculty liaisons. Faculty liaisons serve as the curriculum guide to Dual Credit instructors in their area of study. They are available for class specific assistance and work closely with Dual Credit staff to ensure dual credit classes mirror MVCC on-campus classes.




Foreign Language



Political Science



If you are unsure of whom your liaison is, contact the Dual Credit Department at dualcredit@mvcc.edu or 315-792-5500.

Syllabus Development

Dual Credit instructors are required to develop their own syllabus for their Dual Credit classes. MVCC has created templates that can get you started. The Universal Design for Learning Syllabi page offers syllabi examples and templates for instructors to get started on development.

If you would like a syllabus example for the specific course you are teaching, contact the Dual Credit Department at dualcredit@mvcc.edu or 315-792-5500.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

A number of Dual Credit courses have an OER textbook along with other resources available to instructors. Dual Credit instructors can access this information through the MVCC Library Open Educational Resource page. The number of OER resources and textbooks is continually growing, so be on the lookout.

Certificate of Residence

A certificate of residence is required for all Dual Credit students with a home address outside of Oneida County. Each county has its own Certificate of Residence form, which can be found on the MVCC Certificate of Residence page.

Placement Testing

Students interested in taking Dual Credit English and Math courses at their high school are required to take a placement exam. Some students may be exempt from taking a placement exam depending on their high school GPA or SAT scores.

Teachers looking to schedule a placement exam for their class should contact the Testing Center for more information.

Submitting Final Grades

All Dual Credit instructors have access to MyMV Employee Services. Instructors may submit their Dual Credit course final grades through MyMV.

Click here to set up your MyMV account.

Click here for instructions on how to submit final grades.