Magnet Bridge Scholarship program

This program is open to T.R. Proctor High School students through an application process during the spring of their junior year of high school.

Program benefits:

  • Full tuition and fees covered by a scholarship through the Utica City School District.
  • Ability to earn from 24 to 30 transferable college credits.
  • Opportunity to transition into college and become accustomed to the environment, level of responsibility, academic rigor, and academic terminology.
  • Opportunity to participate in extracurricular college activities.
  • Builds resume and enhances college application.

Application process:

  • February: Attend Informational Night and obtain an application from your T.R. Proctor High School Counselor.
  • March: Take the MVCC Placement Test.
  • April: Complete your application and return it to your School Counselor at T.R. Proctor High School.
  • May: The Magnet Bridge Scholarship Committee meets and selects scholarship winners. Letters are sent to all applicants regarding their application status.
  • June: Meet with staff at MVCC to create your Fall class schedule.

Student responsibilities:

If selected to participate, students are responsible for:

  • Attending a mandatory orientation session in August, prior to beginning of classes.
  • Attending meetings with the Magnet Bridge advisor.
  • Accepting full responsibility for course requirements/grades.
  • Being fully dedicated to college scholarship.
  • Supplying their own textbooks.