Program information

This program will prepare you to take the next step to becoming a sign language interpreter in a variety of fields and settings. Founded on best practices for sign language interpreters, it provides a solid foundation in the theory and skillsets required for the profession, proficiency in American Sign Language, and critical preparation for national-level certification exams. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to transfer with full junior status if you choose to continue your education.

See semester-by-semester degree plan.

Upon completion of this two-year program, students should be competent in the following areas:

  • Proficiency in American Sign Language
  • Knowledge of sign language and interpreting in an educational setting
  • Ability to communicate effectively in professional and academic environments
  • Understanding of professional ethics and behaviors
  • Understanding of the principles and theories of scientific methods of social science research used in this field
  • Use traditional and contemporary information technology
  • Ability to identify, access, and appropriately use authoritative sources of information

Transfer options:

  • Rochester Institute of Technology

Career opportunities:

  • Interpreter and translator
  • Special education teacher

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Jim Roberts, Dean