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Program information

Do you want to learn English? Our English as a Second Language Certificate program will help you learn to communicate in English so you can continue in another college program, supplement a degree from another country, or function in an English-speaking workplace. Your English skills will be evaluated for appropriate placement in the program, and you will move through courses level-by-level until you have successfully completed required Level 4 Advanced ESL courses. If you seek additional study, you can matriculate into a degree or additional certificate program. In this way, you may complete the ESL Certificate while beginning coursework in your major.

See semester-by-semester certificate plan.

Upon completion of the one-year program, students should be competent in the following areas:

  • Communicating in educational and/or career settings
  • Reading and comprehension of appropriate reading material
  • Understanding spoken English in everyday situations
  • Demonstrating information literacy
  • Use of traditional and contemporary information technology

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Jess Wilkie, Dean 
Phone: 315-792-5363