Admission to the School of Health Sciences at Mohawk Valley Community College is a competitive, time-sensitive, and sequential process. The following are the requirements to apply for our programs. Applicants are also encouraged to carefully review the MVCC HLTS Essential Functions.


All applicants must meet or be working toward the completion of the following prerequisites at the time of application:

  • high school diploma or its equivalent AND
  • the most recent of the following:

Minimum History

  • TASC score: ≥3500 
  • High School Average: 85
  • College GPA*: 2.8

Math Score

  • SAT: 530
  • ACT: 19
  • MVCC Placement: 51
  • College Math: ≥C

Chemistry with Lab**

  • High School: ≥75
  • CH131: ≥C

Biology with Lab**

  • Recommended 

ATI TEAS Score***

  • 58.7

*You must have at least 12 college credits to use a college GPA. Consideration will be given for college-level classes taken in high school.

**If you have a completed degree, or have successfully completed an approved college-level Anatomy and Physiology sequence at MVCC or another college, you may be exempt from the biology/chemistry requirement.

  • High school chemistry with a final grade and/or Regents exam score of a 75 or higher is required.

***The ATI TEAS must be taken within two years of the application date and can only be taken twice within the two-year period with a minimum adjusted individualized total score of at least 58.7 to be accepted into the Nursing program.

Important Admissions Notes

HLTS courses are sequential and begin in the Fall semester. Students must complete the application process and have all relevant admission documents submitted and testing completed by March 1. Applications received after March 1 may be considered on a space-available basis.

Applicants with two  Fs, Ds, or Ws in any college course will not be eligible to apply to or remain in the Nursing program (not including Nursing core courses). 

Applicants who have received a D, F, or W for any Nursing core program course at MVCC or at any other college are ineligible to apply to or remain in the Nursing program. Applicants may submit an appeal request in writing to the School of Health Sciences to be considered for the program. 

Steps to Apply

All prospective students must complete the following steps to officially apply for admission to the Nursing program.

Prospective Students

Step 1

All new MVCC students need to submit a completed MVCC college admission application to the College’s Admission Office by March 1, including all official college and/or high school transcripts.

Outside of the United States: Request a professional education credential evaluation report from an evaluation service (such as World Education Services: Please request that an official copy of the report be sent to: Mohawk Valley Community College, Office of Admissions, 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica, N.Y. 13501. Applications received after March 1 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

Once a complete application, including transcript, is received by the College, the application will be reviewed by the Admissions Office and students will be notified in a timely manner of their next steps.

Please note: When the student’s application is considered complete by the Admissions Office, the student will be accepted to the College in MVCC’s Health Sciences program. Admissions will then notify the School of Health Sciences that the applicant has submitted their application to the College and been accepted to the Health Sciences program and is interested in moving forward with the process to be considered for the Nursing program. At that point, the School of Health Sciences will review the student’s application and records to determine if they are eligible to apply for admission into the Nursing program.

Step 2

If it is determined a student meets the initial eligibility requirements to be considered for the Nursing program, the School of Health Sciences will send the Nursing Program Application to the student, who must complete and submit the application directly to the School of Health Sciences no later than March 1 so the Selection Committee can review the application. Applications received after March 1 will be considered on a space-available basis.

If after review of the college application it is determined a student is not eligible to be considered for acceptance into the Nursing program, the student will remain in the Health Sciences program. A Student Support Advisor will communicate with the student to discuss next steps toward enrollment at the College and discuss a pathway toward future consideration for the Nursing program.

Note: It is recommended that students complete the MVCC Placement Test and receive an eligible score on the math portion that will allow the student to enroll in MA110. Students may be exempt from taking certain portions of the Placement Test based on the College’s “Placement Testing Exemption Policy,” which can be found at

Current Students

Step 1

Applicants should contact Holistic Student Support at 315-731-5710 to schedule an appointment with a Student Support Advisor to review the Nursing program application process.

Step 2

The Student Support Advisor will notify the School of Health Sciences of the student’s interest in being considered for the Nursing program. The School of Health Sciences will review the student record and determine if the student is eligible for consideration to the Nursing program and if so, they will be sent the Nursing Program Application.

Upon receipt of the Nursing Program Application, the student should complete and return it directly to the School of Health Sciences. Applicants should print legibly in blue or black ink and include any additional significant information for the Selection Review Committee to consider. Applications should be submitted to the School of Health Sciences, AB113, Mohawk Valley Community College, 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica, N.Y. 13501.

All Nursing Candidates Who Meet Initial Eligibility Requirements

Step 3

In addition to the Nursing Program Application, students must include a written Letter of Intent by March 1 to emphasize what they can bring to the Nursing program and profession, and a reflection of their personal background and accomplishments. This also is where applicants should discuss achievements, talents, and long-term professional goals.

Step 4

Applicants must register and pay for the ATI TEAS. The ATI TEAS must be completed by March 1. Visit the following link for additional information and testing dates: For any questions regarding the ATI TEAS or request for accommodations, please contact the MVCC Assessment and Testing Center at 315-731- 5802.

If applicants have previously completed the ATI TEAS within the past two years, scores must be submitted to MVCC and included with all other required information for consideration.

Step 5

Applicants who meet all qualifications may then be contacted for a personal interview to complete the admission process.

Personal Interview

Candidates may be invited for a personal interview after the Nursing Program Selection Committee has completed a preliminary review of the applicant’s credentials. Invitations for a personal interview are issued only to those applicants whose records and other stated qualifications appear sufficiently strong to justify such a detailed study. Those applicants not issued an invitation will receive a letter of refused acceptance so that the individual will be able to act accordingly on his future plans without delay.
Only those applicants whose files are complete (completed application, all official transcripts/academic record—high school and college, Letter of Intent) will be considered for an interview.

Readmission Candidates

Readmission only includes applicants who had a break in sequence longer than one year due to medical or military leave.

  • Readmission into the program and/or course(s) requires approval of the Dean, and is on a space-available basis.
  • Science credits earned over seven years prior to application without a completed degree will not satisfy course requirements.
  • All core-program courses completed more than one year prior to application will not be transferrable into the program during readmission.

Notify the Dean in writing requesting readmission indicating course and semester for which readmission is sought.

  • Send letters to Melissa Copperwheat, Academic Building room 113D, 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica, N.Y. 13501 or

Admissions Decision-Making Process

The Admissions decision-making process is conducted by each MVCC Program Selection Committee for the respective program.

  • Nursing Program Applications should be submitted as soon as possible and sent directly to the School of Health Sciences.
  • Applicants who have met all application requirements will be considered for admission. *As these program are highly competitive, meeting initial eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission into the applicant’s program of choice. Applications received after March 1 may be considered on a space-available basis.
  • The Nursing Program Selection Committee will meet on a rolling basis as Nursing Program Applications are received by the College to select candidates for acceptance into the program. All decisions of each Program Selection Committee are final.
  • Academic transcripts, ATI TEAS score, a completed application, Letter of Intent, and a personal interview will determine the applicant’s standing for admission into their program of choice.
  • Letters of acceptance or denial for the program will be mailed to candidates on or around April 15. Applicants who have not been accepted will receive a letter of denied acceptance so that the individual will be able to act accordingly on their future plans without delay.