Exemption policy

Placement test waiver eligibility

Students may be exempt from taking certain portions of the placement test if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • A student who scores a minimum of 530 or higher on the SAT, or a minimum of 19 or higher on the ACT would be exempt from the math placement test within a three-year period if they are going to enroll in MA108, MA110, MA115, or MA171.
  • If the student is in a program that requires a higher-level math course, the student will be asked to take the math placement test. Programs that require a higher-level math include Engineering Science; Computer Science; Cybersecurity; Chemical Technology; Chemical Technology; Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Technologies; Business Administration; selected Liberal Arts programs; and Nutrition and Dietetics. Students seeking to enroll in Airframe & Powerplant or Health Care programs will need to test. 
  • A student who scores a minimum of  560 or higher on the new SAT's Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, or a composite English score (English and Writing) of 21 on the ACT will be exempt from our writing placement test. You are automatically placed in EN101 or EN110 as prescribed by your program.
  • A student who scores a minimum of 560 or higher on the new SAT's Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, or a minimum of a 21 on the Reading section of the ACT will be exempt from taking the reading portion of the placement test. Students who have obtained the minimum score are automatically considered ready for credit-bearing courses that typically are considered reading-intensive. (EN102, SO101, PY101, HI101, etc.)
  • International students who wish to study at MVCC are not required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or other standardized English proficiency exams. However, students who enter MVCC in the fall 2014 semester or thereafter will be fully admitted into college-level coursework if they submit scores of 500 on TOEFL, 173 on computer-based TOEFL, 61 on TOEFL iBT or 5.5 on IELTS. Scores on standardized tests are valid for two years, so the test date must not exceed two years prior to the date of admission.

Please note:

Students who score below the minimum on any section of the SAT will be required to take the MVCC placement test in those areas where a minimum score was not obtained. Students who have no SAT scores will be asked to take the entire MVCC Placement test. If a student has completed previous college coursework in English and Math, and obtained a successful grade, then placement testing may not be required. 

The following majors require a math placement test regardless of exemption based on SATs and ACTs. Additionally, some transfer students in these majors may be asked to take the math placement test to better meet the math requirement of their program. This is for the benefit of the student, as an exemption may place them in a lower-level math than is required for their program and an appropriate math placement score would allow them to start in a higher-level math than the exemption:

  • Chemical Technology AAS
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology AAS
  • Civil Engineering Technology AAS
  • Building Management and Maintenance AAS
  • Electrical Engineering Technology AAS
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology AAS
  • Engineering Science AS
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics and Science AS
  • Computer Science AS
  • Nutrition and Dietetics AS
  • Business Administration AS
  • Geospatial Technology AAS
  • Computer Science: Cybersecurity AS
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Adolescence Education AS