Placement testing information

MVCC uses the College Board Accuplacer for placement testing for all new students. Accuplacer is a series of tests designed to evaluate your skills in reading, writing, and math to ensure you are placed in courses that match your skills. These are not pass/fail tests; they provide your Student Support Advisor one piece of information for course placement.

How is the Accuplacer exam given?

The Accuplacer exam is a computer-based test. Basic mouse and typing skills are needed to complete the test. Currently, the majority of Accuplacer tests are given remotely using Zoom and are monitored by a proctor while you work on your computer.

Please review Remote Testing Information

How long does the test take to complete?

The time required to complete the test is different for every student as the test addresses different areas depending on the skill level of the student. For most students, the test takes no more than two hours.

Preparing the Accuplacer test

If you would like to review the types of questions you will see on the Accuplacer test, there is a free study app available at, where you can create a free account with Accuplacer.

MVCC utilizes Accuplacer Writing and Accuplacer Reading for the English portion of the test. For math, students will see the math for their designated majors.

Most majors will use the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics Math. For those in STEM majors or majors requiring higher-level math (MA121, MA125, MA150, MA151, etc.), the Advanced Algebra and Functions test will be used.

The practice tests are set up the same way that the test will be set up, including directions and calculator functions.