Schedule a tutoring appointment online

As an MVCC student, you get access to free tutoring for almost every credit-bearing class. Whether you need help with writing an essay, creating a lab report, studying for an exam, or solving a math problem, tutors are available to help you succeed in your course. Tutors help students become independent, resourceful, self-advocating learners.

Where does tutoring take place?

Tutoring takes place in the Learning Commons (with a few exceptions) on both campuses.

Utica Campus Learning Commons
Francis A. Wilcox Hall, room 129

Rome Campus Learning Commons
Plumley Complex, room 102

How do I make a tutor appointment?

You have three options:

How long does the appointment last?

One-on-one tutoring appointments are 30 minutes long. You may be eligible for longer appointments if you are registered with the Office of Accessibility Resources.

Can I have more than one appointment a day?

Yes! You can make three appointments with different tutors on the same day.

What happens if I can't make my tutoring appointment?

You can cancel your appointment online up to an hour before it is scheduled. For last minute cancellations, call 315-792-5517 or come into the Learning Commons. If you miss three appointments without canceling, you will be blocked from making future appointments.