“I feel that Math Corps was a welcoming place. If I were ever bored or alone, someone would offer to hang out with me. I really appreciated that. Though some classes are better than others it was fun.” 

“Math Corps tries really hard to open up your hidden greatness.”

“Math Corps cares about us. They help us, we grow every day. We’re ready for the 7th grade.

“I like the freedom – we were treated with respect and were on a college campus.” 

“Math Corps is really fun. TAs and CIs really care about you and I would not want to leave.” 

“I feel now what they mean by the meaning of family. I feel really close to these guys now.” 

“This has been one of my most memorable experiences and I’m super glad to have been a part of this Math Corps family. I have grown to love and care about all the students here. Can’t wait to return next year.” 

“Math is a special subject, it’s harder than you think. The heart of math is fun.” 

“I will take the heart of MVCC Math Corps to school because it was fun. I met new people, learned a few things. I learned about how other people live and their way of seeing things. I recommend people to come here.”