Math Corps Mission

The MVCC Math Corps mission stands on the belief that all children have a unique and special greatness within them, and that through hard work, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to learning – combined with the support of a caring community – this greatness can be realized. It is the mission of the Math Corps MVCC, using mathematics as its tool, to help as many children in the greater Utica area as possible realize their own particular greatness.

Math Corps Goal

The goal of MVCC Math Corps is to ensure that every child, while cared for and supported in the present, goes on to graduate from high school fully prepared to succeed in college or other rewarding post-secondary endeavors with the utmost confidence in their own ability to build a good and decent life for themselves and others.


The Math Corps is guided by a six-part philosophy that filters through all of its programs:

A Sense of Family

From the outset, students are made to feel important, that they belong to something very special, and that staff truly cares about them as individuals. The structure and nature of the program cultivates strong big-brother/big-sister relationships among students at all levels – middle school, high school, and college.

High Standards and Expectations

All students are expected to meet high academic standards regardless of past performance. Rigorous demands are placed on students concerning discipline, attendance, punctuality, and the completion of daily homework assignments. Students learn to behave in a manner appropriate to the college setting. The importance of hard work and academic success is stressed constantly and achievement is publicly acknowledged on a daily basis. Success becomes the rule, not the exception.