How to register for courses

Registering for courses at MVCC can be done either in person at the window or online through each student's "Student Information and Registration System" (SIRS) account. In order to register in person, you are required to pick up or download a registration form from the Office of Records and Registration and fill out all necessary information.

To register online, you must know your M Number as well as your six-digit PIN password for your SIRS account. This information cannot be released over the phone or through email and must be obtained from the Office of Records and Registration through regular mail or in person.

  1. Begin at MVCC’s home page:
  2. Go to the "Current Student" tab on top and click on it
  3. Click on the middle of the left hand side on the button labeled "SIRS"
  4. Click on the picture that says "Login to Secure Area"
  1. Enter your "User ID" that is your M-number

  2. Enter your PIN, which is assigned to you by the Registrar’s Office, but can be changed

  3. Click on the following screens, continue to enter the required information

  4. At the SIRS Main Menu, select the “Registration Menu” link and click on it

  1. Select the “Build Your Schedule or Add/Drop Classes” link and click on it
  2. Select the correct term under the drop-down menu and on the “Submit” button below
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you see boxes 
  2. Using the five-digit CRN numbers you wrote down on the paper schedule, put one into each box. They can be entered in any order and only need to be entered once. 
  3. Hover over the “Submit Changes” button and click on it 
  4. Please check for any registration errors and verify that all of your courses registered successfully

Once you have completed the scheduling process, it is very important that you SECURE YOUR CLASSES WITH PAYMENT, as this will ensure that you are not de-registered from your courses.  If you have questions on how to secure your courses, please contact the Business Office at 315-792-5442.

Sometimes you may run into issues with registering for courses and these will give you specific registration errors.  If you experience an error, please follow the link below to understand how best to handle it.

Dealing with Common Registration Errors