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Business Office

Business Office Front Desk

We offer a variety of services to both students and the college community.

  • We are responsible for generating bills for tuition and fees, room and board.

  • We collect payment for most charges a student might incur, such as tuition, fees, room and board, parking violations, child care costs, and fitness center dues. We do not collect library fines.

  • The office handles deferrals for financial aid, veteran benefits, third party sponsorship (such as VESID, TRA, employer, military, scholarships), employer reimbursement, and enrollment in our Nelnet payment plan.

  • We handle the collection of Certificate of Residence forms. Without a valid Certificate of Residence, we must bill the student for non-resident tuition charges, usually double tuition.

  • A notary public is in our office for convenience of submitting Certificates of Residence.

  • Financial aid refund checks are distributed through the Business Office.

  • Tuition refunds are processed in accordance with the school's refund policy.


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Business Office

Contact us

Utica Campus
Dan Porcelli
Payne Hall 108
TEL: 315.792.5475
FAX: 315.731.5851

Rome Campus
Rome Student Services Center
TEL: 315.334.7709
FAX: 315.334.7726

Perkins Loan Repayment
Mary J. Taverne
Payne Hall 120A
TEL: 315.792.5311
FAX: 315.731.5851