Every student at the college is assigned a Student Support Advisor (SSA) who will be invaluable to you! SSAs are individuals at the college who will be able to assist you at MVCC from start to finish! They can help you with your educational goals, discuss questions about your degree program, as well as assist you with career and transfer plans. SSAs also register you each semester and can connect you with other resources available at the College to help you be as successful as possible.

Complete your New Student Survey and then you are ready to schedule with your SSA. The survey should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Start New Student Survey

Sign On Information


First letter of your first name, entire last name, two-digit day you were born, @student.mvcc.edu

Example: John Smith's (born on January 7, 2001) username would be jsmith07@student.mvcc.edu


If this is your first-time logging into your MVCC student accounts or email, your password will be the Last four digits of your Social Security Number or last four digits of your M-Number.

If you have already logged into your email and changed your password, please use the same password to log into your survey.

If you need a password reset or have log-in issues - please call our IT Department at 315-731-5711.

Once you are finished with the survey, you should be emailed a link to your personal email to schedule with your Advisor to create your class schedule. If you do not receive the link within 15 minutes, please calls us at 315-731-5710.