All adjuncts are expected to set and regularly hold office hours.

Office hours are set at the mutual convenience of adjunct instructors and their students.  These hours are intended as a time when students may meet with their instructors to discuss academic progress.

How often are office hours held?

The formula for setting office hours is as follows:

  • Adjuncts are expected to schedule 1 hour of office hours each week during the semester for every 3 hours of in-class lecture time;
  • Adjuncts who teach developmental courses are expected to schedule 1 hour of office hours per week for each developmental course they teach;
  • Adjuncts who teach laboratory, clinical or practicum courses only are not required to hold office hours;
  • Adjuncts who teach online are expected to hold virtual office hours - a time when students know their instructor will be online and available for contact.

May I schedule office hours by appointment only?

Adjuncts may set office hours by appointment only during the week, but they are still expected to hold office hours as part of their contractual obligation.

How do I set office hours?

To set office hours - including virtual office hours - please contact the Associate Dean for your Department and provide the following information:

  1. Day(s) when you wish to hold your office hours;
  2. Time(s) when you wish to hold your hours;
  3. Your preferred location for office hours.

Where may I hold office hours in Utica?

ADJUNCT OFFICE (AB156): This office accommodates up to 3 adjuncts at a time. It is furnished with 3 desks, 3 phones, 3 computers, a printer, and side chairs for students. There is limited storage space for adjuncts to share. Use of this office must be scheduled - it is not a walk-in office. A schedule of adjunct office hours will be posted each semester and those who do not schedule hours must defer to those who have when they arrive and leave the office. Adjuncts who use this office may order keys by contacting the Director of Adjunct Development (  This is not a walk-in office, unless the schedule indicates that there is space free at the time you walk in.

ADJUNCT SATELLITE OFFICE: Located in PH354. This office must be scheduled.  PH354 contains a desk, phone and desktop computer. The office may be scheduled for one hour at a time or longer, depending on the need. It is not a walk-in office.

PAYNE HALL LIBRARY: The Library offers work space and some level of privacy for meeting with students. It also provides access to books, periodicals, computers and teaching aids. Library Hours.

THE LEARNING COMMONS (Wilcox Hall - room 129): The newly designed Learning Commons is located in the WH Building and is one of the busiest places on campus. Adjuncts may hold office hours in the Learning Commons and use the many resources it has to offer to help students with their academic progress.  No keys are provided. 

LOUNGE AREAS (AB, WH, PH): Though not private, some adjunct instructors prefer to meet with students in these settings because they are open, accessible and centrally located. Lounges are on the first floor of the AB Building, the first and second floors of WH, and in the Lobby and on the third floor of Payne Hall.

CLASSROOMS: Depending on the time of day, it may be possible for you to schedule your office hours in the same room in which you teach. Please check availability with Rachel Libby (, as classrooms are primarily for instruction and their use for office hours cannot be guaranteed.

Where may I hold office hours in Rome?

Rome adjuncts are assigned to specific, shared office space that is set aside for each discipline.. Office keys are issued by and may be signed for/picked up in Rome in PC111.