When you need to cancel class due to illness, personal reasons, or professional commitments, it is important to officially notify your students and Department College Services Associate in a timely fashion. When you cancel, you may provide instructions for your students about make-up sessions and assignments due. When you return to campus, please contact your Academic Dean or the College Services Associate with your class make-up plans.

There are two ways to cancel your class:


When cancelling a class using the MVCC Class Cancellations Link, please follow this procedure:

  • Go to the Employee section of MVCC's website.
  • Click on the MyMV in the button section and log in using your Outlook credentials.
  • Click on the menu in the top left corner.
  • Click on the Faculty & Advisors Menu.
  • Click on Class Cancellation.
  • Enter the information concerning the cancelled class/CRN .
  • Call the MVCC Class Cancellation line, 315-792-5630
  • Leave a message about your cancelled class. For example: “Hello. I’m Jane Smith and I need to cancel EN101, Sec. J10 that meets today from 12:00 to 12:50 in WH126. I intend to make up this class and will inform my Academic School College Services Associate and students when I return when the make-up day will occur.”

Please note: If you use the class cancellation phone line, you do not need to cancel using the website. Notice of your class cancellation is posted on the MVCC website, on your classroom door and on the electronic TV screens around campus. Your Academic School Dean and College Services Associate are also notified that your class is cancelled and your absence is recorded.