Who can participate in the SUNY Apprenticeship Program?

Any SUNY community college is able to receive funds from this grant. Please review the funding guidelines, then complete and submit the following application.

SUNY Funding Guidelines | Apprenticeship Application

What can your college apply for?

Funding Amounts
Industry Roundtables: Up to $2,000 per roundtable
Related Instruction (RI) Costs: Up to $5,000 per apprentice
Hybrid & Competency-Based Programs & Testing Costs: Up to $5,000 per apprentice
Pre-Apprenticeship Program (per apprentice): Up to $500 per pre-apprentice
Project Management (all projects are eligible): Up to 10% of total cost of the projected project
Other Registered Apprenticeship Direct Program Costs (i.e. curriculum development) $2,000 – $10,000