Law Enforcement

The main purpose of the Law Enforcement Division is to keep the peace, protect life, reduce crime, and enforce laws on campus, with a focus on safeguarding the lives of our community. As such, the Law Enforcement Division is responsible for receiving and responding to complaints of criminal activity and other emergencies occurring on campus property.

The Law Enforcement Division employs sworn Peace Officers and non-sworn Public Safety Officers to patrol the College properties. Officers are available on the Utica Campus on a 24/7 basis and on the Rome Campus during peak hours. These patrols are conducted on foot as well as by patrol vehicle.

All of the Peace Officers complete a certified Police Academy, including the completion of a Field Training Program. Peace Officers are authorized to carry firearms when on duty, and qualify with those firearms annually. 

Officers are responsible for being proactive in detecting, investigating, and reporting instances of crime; effectively identifying and arresting offenders; providing service to the community that embodies our "Courtesy, Respect, and Professionalism" philosophy; and impartially enforcing laws, ordinances, and regulations.

The Law Enforcement Division investigates all reported crime on campus and looks to solve reported incidents. Criminal Investigations that are conducted by the Department are compiled in the Daily Crime Log and into the Annual Security Report, which are available for viewing on the Public Information page.

To make a report with the Department of Public Safety, visit our Report a Crime page.