About the Department

The Department of Public Safety works to maintain a safe, secure learning and living environment at the Mohawk Valley Community College campuses, and performs several functions: Law Enforcement; Emergency Management and Response; and Environmental Health and Fire Safety.


The Department of Public Safety’s mission is to serve and protect the students, staff, and faculty of Mohawk Valley Community College. The Department of Public Safety is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment on campus for people to learn, work, and live in.


The Department of Public Safety provides protection and service to the Campus community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed by sworn law enforcement officers designated as Peace Officers and non-sworn officers designated as Public Safety Officers.

The Department supports the mission and goals of the College and all of those who seek and impart knowledge. We strive to provide an environment where diverse social, cultural, and academic values may prosper and grow.

The Department of Public Safety continually works to maintain a safe and secure educational environment where a quality education may be achieved. It is committed to a leadership role in the development of programs, methods, and approaches to assist the College community in achieving such an environment.