Emeritus/Emerita or Distinguished Retiree are honorary titles awarded for distinguished service to the academic community.

All full-time employees of MVCC are eligible for consideration for recognition of their contributions to the College upon retirement.  Such recognition is conferred by the Board of Trustees.  The Trustees may waive any of the criteria in favor of a retiree of exceptional merit.

Josephine Alexander, Department Head/Professor Emerita
Jerome M. Alvermann, Vice President Emeritus
David Amico, Executive Director Emeritus
Diana Ayers-Darling, Professor Emerita
Grace Esther Balutis, Professional Staff Emerita
Edward I. Barber, Administrator Emeritus
Kathryn Barefoot, Distinguished Retiree
Joyce Baumann, Associate Professor Emerita
Sharon Benedetto, Distinguished Retiree
Barbara A. Berlin, Counselor Emerita
Kathleen Bernstein, Professor Emerita
Betty Bishop, Professor Emerita
Thomas A. Blanchfield, Professor Emeritus
Deborah Bogan, Administrator Emerita
Colleen Bolton, Professor Emerita
John K. Bolton, Jr., Vice President Emeritus
Jennifer Boulanger, Dean Emerita
Gary Broadhurst, Administrator and Professor Emeritus
Sarah Brooks, Professor Emerita
Gerard Brophy, Administrator Emeritus
Annette Broski, Director Emerita
Jerome Brown, Dean Emeritus
Lisa Bullet, Distinguished Retiree
James Burns, Professor Emeritus
Michael J. Burke, Professor Emeritus (Posthumous)
Marianne Buttenschon, Administrator and Professor Emerita
Harold Cantor, Department Head/Professor Emeritus
Thomas Capraro, Professor Emeritus
Nancy Caputo, Associate Dean/Professor Emerita
Antoinette Carbone, Professional Staff Emerita
Clinton R. Carpenter, Department Head/Professor Emeritus
Stephen Casakos, Professor Emeritus
Albert L. Christensen, Professor Emeritus
Robert Christman, Professor Emeritus
Diane Clark, Distinguished Retiree
Robert Clark, Professor Emeritus
Sarah Coleman, Professor Emerita
Donald C. Connelly, Professor Emeritus
Elin Cormican, Professor Emerita
Colleen Cornmire, Administrator Emerita
Roger Cowdery, Professor Emeritus
Paul Cruskie, Associate Professor Emeritus
Marie Czarnecki, Professor Emerita
Priscilla Dack, Professional Staff Emerita
Rose Danella, Department Head/Professor Emerita
Paul Davidson, Professor Emeritus
Sherry Day, Distinguished Retiree
Joseph DeBuvitz, Honorary MVCC Employee, Director Emeritus
Robert Decker, Professor Emeritus
Robert Dell, Professor Emeritus
Denise DiGiorgio, Vice President Emerita 
Carol Dinger, Distinguished Retiree
John T. Dizer, Jr., Dean/Professor Emeritus
Celia Domser, Administrator/Professor Emerita
Salvatore Drogo, Professor Emeritus
Francis Dunning, Professor Emeritus
Frank B. DuRoss, Vice President Emeritus
James J. Dyer, Professor Emeritus
Maryrose Eannace, Vice President Emerita
Debra Edick, Distinguished Retiree
Sandra Engel, Administrator and Professor Emerita
Barbara Evans, Associate Professor/Librarian Emerita
Carolyn Evans, Professor Emerita
Ralph Feola, Vice President Emeritus
James Fiore, Professor Emeritus
Patricia Fox, Administrator Emerita
Wayne Freed, Associate Professor Emeritus
Arthur Friedberg, Professor Emeritus
Harold Gabel, Professor Emeritus
Cornelius Gall, Professor Emeritus
James Gifford, Professor Emeritus
Linda Gigliotti, Professor Emerita
Thomas Giometti, Professor Emeritus
Andrew Glidden, Professor Emeritus
Catherine Glod, Professor Emerita
George Goerner, Professor Emeritus
Leslie Goerner, Professor Emerita
Jerome Goodman, Professor Emeritus
Robert Gould, Associate Professor Emeritus
Barbara Granato, Distinguished Retiree
Nancy J. Green, Department Head/Professor Emerita
Emlyn Griffith, Esq., Honorary Professor Emeritus, Regent Emeritus
Julius Grossman, Professor Emeritus
Paul Halko, Distinguished Retiree
Leon W. Heselton, Department Head/Professor Emeritus
John Hollinger, Administrator Emeritus
Raymond C. Hurlburt, Professor Emeritus
William Hysell, Professor Emeritus
Anne Ichihana, Librarian Emerita
Edwin (Duane) Isenberg, Associate Professor Emeritus
Milton H. Jannone, Professor Emeritus
Robert Jastrab, Counselor Emeritus
Dean B. Jeanblanc, Professor Emeritus
Robert R. Jorgensen, Department Head/Professor Emeritus
Robert B. Jubenville, Dean/Professor Emeritus
Virginia Juergensen, Professor Emerita
Paul Katchmar, Administrator Emeritus
David R. Katz III, Administrator and Professor Emeritus
Donald G. Kelly, Professor Emeritus
Paul H. Kempkes, Professor Emeritus
Paul Kewley, Administrator Emeritus
Kenneth Klein, Associate Professor Emeritus
Phillip Korn, Professor Emeritus
Raymond Kosiewicz, Professor Emeritus
Kathleen Kresa, Distinguished Retiree
Anthony Kwiatkowski, Counselor Emeritus
Ronald Labuz, Professor Emeritus
Robert Lacell, Administrator Emeritus
Angelo Lattuca, Professor Emeritus
Dennis Lee, Professor Emeritus
Mary Alice Levine, Professor Emerita
Yixiong (Shawn) Liang, Profesor Emeritus
Jeanne Litz, Distinguished Retiree
Weiliang Loh, Professor Emeritus
Carmelita Lomeo-Smrtic, Professor Emerita
Marjorie Loveland, Professor Emerita
Thomas Maneen, Professional Staff Emeritus
Susan Martineau, Administrator Emerita
David F. McCarthy, Professor Emeritus
Maureen McCleary, Associate Professor Emerita
John H. McMillan, Department Head/Professor Emeritus
Malcolm McNall, Administrator Emeritus
Richard A. Meili, Department Head/Professor Emeritus
Robert W. Merrill, Professor Emeritus
Grace Messere, Classified Staff Emerita
Timothy B. Messick, Professor Emeritus
Jonathan Meeter, Associate Professor Emeritus
Larry Migliori, Administrator/Professor Emeritus
Rosemary Mink, Professor Emerita
Steven J. Mocko, Professor Emeritus
Brian Molinaro, Administrator Emeritus
Emanuel Mussman, Professor Emeritus
James Myers, Distinguished Retiree
William Newman, Associate Professor Emeritus
Doreen Nicholls, Associate Professor Emerita
Pamela J. Nigro, Professional Staff Emerita
Norbert Oldani, Associate Professor Emeritus
James O’Looney, Professor Emeritus
Theresa Paladino, Distinguished Retiree
Albert V. Payne, President Emeritus (In Memoriam)
Gerard Pecorello, Honorary MVCC Employee, Director Emeritus
William Perrotti, Professor Emeritus
Lorie Phillips, Professor Emerita
Alexander Piejko, Professor Emeritus
Cheryl Plescia, Professor Emerita
Frank Przybycien, Administrator/Professor Emeritus
Beverly Quist, Professor Emerita
Mark Radlowski, Administrator and Professor Emeritus
Dennis Rahn, Administrator Emeritus
Maria Ramos, Professor Emerita
Mario J. Restive, Professor Emeritus
Joanne Rettke, Administrator Emerita
Stephanie Reynolds, Vice President Emerita
Joseph Riley, Professor Emeritus
Ron Rhodes, Professor Emeritus
Charles Rogers, Professor Emeritus
George Rogers, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Noryane Rosero, Professor Emerita
Ricardo Rosero, Associate Professor Emeritus
Claire Rudka, Distinguished Retiree
Samuel Russo Jr., Administrator Emeritus
Robert Sanger, Professor Emeritus
Michael I. Schafer, President Emeritus
Harold Schecter, Administrator Emeritus
Ellis Searles, Professor Emerita
Steven Senior, Associate Professor Emeritus
Michael Sewall, Professor Emeritus
James Sheaffer, Professor Emeritus
John Siegenthaler, Associate Professor Emeritus
Ann Smallen, Professor Emerita
Ivan Smith, Professor Emeritus
James Smrtic, Professor Emeritus
John Snyder, Professor Emeritus
Rosemary Spetka, Administrator Emerita
Raymond H. Stan, Professor Emeritus
George Strong, Professor Emeritus
W. Richard Suhr, Administrator Emeritus
Geri Sultenfuss, Distinguished Retiree
Mary Lourdes Summa, Distinguished Retiree
John (Jack) Susenburger, Associate Professor Emeritus
Alfreda G. Suskie, Professor Emerita
Charles Svoboda, Professor Emeritus
Douglas H. Swartout, Professor Emeritus
John Swistak, Associate Professor Emeritus
Satya Tandon, Professor Emeritus
Eugenia Taft, Professor Emerita
Richard Thomas, Professor Emeritus
Herbert Thorpe, Counselor Emeritus
Frank Tobiasz, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Alina Mildred Treis, Professor Emerita
Lawrence A. Trivieri, Professor Emeritus
Jean VanAuken, Professor Emerita
Stephanie Verostek, Administrator Emerita
Jean Wagner, Professor Emerita
Jean Walls, Professor Emerita
Merlen Ward, Administrator Emeritus
Beverly A. Warner, Dean/Professor Emerita
Debra Waterman, Associate Professor Emerita
Lewis A. White, Vice President Emeritus
Donald Willner, Dean/Professor Emeritus
Donald Wills, Professor Emeritus
Jacqueline Womack, Distinguished Retiree
Ronald F. Zollweg, Professor Emeritus