Laurie Phillips receiving award

The Employee Recognition Program at MVCC is designed to encourage and reinforce a work culture of gratitude and appreciation for each other.  The goal is to recognize and affirm the good work, conscientiousness, and commitment of the employees of MVCC that make the magic happen every day as the college goes about its business of transforming lives through educational empowerment.  Through a myriad of awards that rise from organic institutional processes which involve peer nominations and vetting procedures, the objective is to honor and distinguish the good works of our fellow colleagues. 

There are awards which acknowledge outstanding individual contributions throughout the entire organization, as well as awards which recognize exceptional group contributions and initiatives.  There are also awards which link to external community groups, the entire State University of New York system, and professional organizations within higher education.  The objective of the overall program is to have each employee feel valued and appreciated for their unique and important role at the college.