The Leadership Academy is organized to prepare participants to become effective leaders who understand themselves, know how to build relationships, develop the skills to create and work with teams, think and plan critically and strategically, display high levels of emotional intelligence, and connect to their organizations. 

Leadership Academy Contacts

Jill Heintz
Executive Director of Organizational Culture and Wellness
Phone Number: 315-792-5584
Office Location: PH307, Utica Campus
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Image of Janet Visalli
Director of Holistic Student Support
Student Support Services
Phone Number: 315-792-5535
Office Location: PH111A, Utica Campus
Email Janet Visalli

Image of Jim Lynch
Assistant Vice President of Learning and Academic Affairs
Phone Number: 315-792-5316
Office Location: PH394, Utica Campus
Email James Lynch

Image of Yue Riesbeck
Career Counselor
Student Services
Phone Number: 315-731-5829
Office Location: ACC102, Utica Campus
Email Yue Riesbeck

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