The Employee Enrichment Program at MVCC is a multi-faceted program designed to facilitate a work environment where every employee is given an opportunity to grow and evolve both personally and professionally.  As an institution of higher education we seek to encourage a commitment to lifelong learning as a means of individual empowerment and institutional excellence and vitality.  We “walk the talk” by modeling the commitment through a far-reaching array of learning opportunities for our employees.  It all starts with a New Employee Orientation which introduces the college culture and our commitment to the StrengthsQuest program.  There is an extensive four-year long New Faculty Institute Program, four days of primarily internal professional and personal enrichment workshops referred to as “Institutes”, a two-year Leadership Academy (in development), periodic supervisor training along with additional offerings throughout the year, institution-wide facilitation training and annual core workshops.  All the enrichment activities aim to invest heavily in the human beings who are at the heart of our mission.  We hope to create a culture marked by happy, fulfilled workers with a strong sense of service, efficacy and professional competence.