The MVCC IT department is headed by Mary Jane Parry. Our main office is in AB155 and our main line is (315) 731-5711.
We are responsible for all college owned computer hardware, software, printers, toner, servers, and network connections. If you have any questions regarding, or issues with, any of the items mentioned above, please call us at x5711.


Call our helpdesk main line at (315) 731-5711.

Our new wireless setup does not have a key for us to provide, instead it authenticates your connection with the same credentials that you use to log into college computers.

Students: choose the wireless network labeled MVCC Public, and when you go to try to use a browser it should redirect you to a page that will ask you for your username and password. Use the same username and password that you use to log into the campus computers and/or your email account.

Employees: follow the same procedure as students with one exception, use the wireless network labeled MVCC Employee. You will also be prompted for a username and password, use the same one that you use to log into your work computer.
That said, sometimes things just don't work like they are supposed to; if you are having trouble connecting bring your device to us in AB155(Utica) or PC121(Rome) and we will help you get connected.


Adding printers is now really easy (provided nothing goes wrong : ). All you have to do is hit your start button (bottom left corner of the screen) and into the field that says Search Programs and Files type \\mvcc-print\. This should open a window with a list of many printers, select the one with the appropriate room number and double click it. If it asks you anything about trusting this server's driver or anything like that just hit yes. It should do everything else for you automatically.

We do not currently support this functionality.

We are currently testing out some new print quota software. At the present time, there is a 500 page soft cap on every student's account. If a student uses up their entire print quota, there is currently no cost to refill their page allowance. Just stop into the IT Help Desk (AB 155) with your valid student ID and we will add more pages to your account.

Most of the college's printers are high capacity models and they will begin to complain about the toner being low when there are still over 1000 prints left. For this reason, we ask that you do not call us about toner replacement until it actually starts printing light. As a general rule, we have all types of toner that the college uses on hand so there is no need to worry about calling it in early to make sure that it is available.


  • EMAIL : your student email (example) jdoe07@student.mvcc.edu
  • USERNAME : your username (example) jdoe07
  • PASSWORD : your password that you check your email and log on to the computers with (by default it’s the last 4 digits of your ssn)
  • DOMAIN : mvcclabs.edu
  • EXCHANGE SERVER : studentmail.mvcc.edu


  • EMAIL : your employee email (example) jdoe@mvcc.edu
  • USERNAME : your username (example) jdoe07
  • PASSWORD : your password that you check your email and log on to the computers with
  • DOMAIN : mvcc.edu
  • EXCHANGE SERVER : email.mvcc.edu
  • Click on Start
  • Go to all programs
  • Click on Accessories
  • Click on Windows Explorer
  • In the top address bar, type the following: ftp://student-serv.mvcc.edu(external link)
  • A box will pop up asking for your username and password. The username/password is the one you use to log onto computers and email. EXAMPLE : Username: jdoe07 Password : 1234
  • You should be logged into your account (NOTE : If you are not in your account but see a listing of folders, select the folder with your name and double clicking on that folder.)
  • Once your folder is open, files can be copied from your network folder to your own computer or you can copy files from your computer to your folder. (Please Note : You cannot directly save to your network space from home, you must copy to your computer, open the file to work on it, save it on your computer and then copy it back over to your network space.)

To copy files from your network folder to your computer or from your computer to your network folder, you can click (hold down the mouse button) on the desired document, drag it to the location desired and release the mouse button.