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Welcome to the online home for the FABLab. Here you can navigate through different pages to find out how to start your adventure of creating, learning, inventing, and innovating.

What is a FABLab?

A FABLab is a small-scale workshop comprised of industrial-grade fabrication equipment and electronic tools. It is a place for ideas, designs, innovations, inventions, and learning. The FABLab concept is the brainchild of MIT professor Dr. Neil Gershenfeld. The first FABLab was created in 2001 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA). Gershenfeld's goal for the FABLab was to create a laboratory to perform research on the practical applications on the many different technologies used for personal fabrication. Since that time, FABLabs have been started and developed worldwide.

What is the purpose of the MVCC FABLab?

The FABLab is part of MIT's global FABLab network, and MVCC was the first college in New York State to have an MIT-networked FABLab.

The FABLab at MVCC is open to students, the community, and local businesses. The lab serves many different purposes, including: providing a place where students can design and build projects while being able to participate in all phases of standard production processes; providing local businesses with the latest design and rapid prototyping technologies to be able to develop new products and improve existing products for the market; giving community members an opportunity to learn the latest technologies and a place to develop their ideas or inventions; and providing Central New York with a workforce that has been trained using the latest high-tech fabrication equipment and electronic tools.

How to contact the FABLab

The FABLab is located on the Utica Campus, within the Science and Technology Building in Room 115.  For more information about the lab, contact: David Smith