How to Run a DGV Event

Prior to event

  • The DGV scanners can be obtained through Jeff Kimball (x5705) in IT 158.
  • Jeff will review how to use and troubleshoot the scanner with all personnel.
  • Students who arrive 10-minutes (or later) past the listed start-time will not receive DGV Credit (unless start-time is adjusted due to high attendance/patron lines). If a student still wants to attend event after late arrival, MVCC Student IDs (or Driver’s Licenses if they cannot supply an MVCC Student ID) are held until the end of the event or when they chose to leave. If they cannot supply a photo ID of any kind, write down student name and "Late Arrival-No Credit" on signup sheet.
  • Students must stay until the end of the event, including question & answer periods.
  • Students who leave early will not receive DGV credit.

After event

  • At the end of the event, one (1) person should use the DGV scanners to scan MVCC ID cards.
  • A second person should hand-write student names and M#'s on a DGV attendance form (if ID card do not scan properly). Print five (5) copies in case the scanner does not work, in which case 2 people will need to take names and M#’s. Student names must be written by a staff or faculty member so that it is clearly legible.  A full name (First and Last) along with their M# is required.
  • If a student cannot supply an MVCC Student ID, or if their card is not scanning properly with the DGV scanner, we write their information down on the form.
  • If a student cannot supply a form of photo identification (Student ID, Driver’s License, etc), they cannot receive DGV credit.
  • At the end of the event, the DGV Scanner(s) are returned to Jeff Kimball’s office.
  • The DGV Attendance Forms should be emailed to Jim Sunderhaft at  where he will log all forms and upload to Degree Works.

Mohawk Valley Community College promotes best practices to increase civility and responsibility on and off campus.  The use of technologies not relevant to the event is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: electronic communicating devices, MP3 players, and video/photo capture devices.  Those who appear to be on electronic devices or who are disruptive will be asked to cease disruptive activity and will be asked to leave, and will not receive DGV credit, if they do not.

Public Safety should be called immediately if an individual shows any signs of incivility.