Deferrals include financial aid, third-party sponsorship (i.e.: VESID, TRA, Veterans, Military, Employer). You must submit proof of the deferral to the Business Office if it does not appear on your bill.

Employer Deferral Program

This program is designed for students who are employees of a company offering a tuition reimbursement program. Most employee reimbursement programs have specific stipulations. Students are encouraged to read the details of their company tuition reimbursement program since the student is ultimately responsible for all financial obligations, including tuition and fees.

Guidelines & Procedures

  1. Obtain the employer deferral form.
  2. Have your employer sign the form and return it to the MVCC Business Office (Utica or Rome Campus).
  3. Once registered for the course(s), you will receive a billing notice.
  4. It is your responsibility to confirm the amount due with your employer.
  5. A bill will be sent to you upon completion of the course or the semester (whichever occurs first).
  6. If employment status changes before completion of the course, or if the course is dropped, you are immediately responsible for all financial obligations.
  7. You will have 45 days to meet the financial obligation.
  8. Failure to meet the financial obligation will result in normal college policies taking effect. These will include registration holds and referral to a collection agency.