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Adjunct Faculty

Welcome to MVCC!

  • Mo with students
  • Criminal Justice class
  • PTK students
  • College Completion Day
  • Refugee Day at MVCC
  • Rome campus
  • iPad in class
  • Sculpture class
  • International Festival
  • Dorm Football
  • Chemistry students
  • Geology class
  • English class
  • Boilermaker at MVCC
  • Ted Moore Run at MVCC
  • Commencement


Welcome to Mohawk Valley Community College!  Whether you're a newly hired adjunct or a returning part-time faculty member, we're glad you're here.

The College relies upon adjuncts to enrich and diversify our students' learning experience. You make it possible for the College to offer a variety of courses at convenient times for students. And, you bring first-hand knowledge to the campus about what skills and knowledge the local community needs and expects its current and future workforce to possess.

Please contact your Associate Dean about your role and expectations as an adjunct. They are here to provide answers to your questions, as well as solid advice and support. 

  • Advocacy: to ensure that your voice is heard on issues that affect all faculty, regardless of status;
  • Collegiality: to encourage your full participation and ease your integration into the College community and culture;
  • Clarification, Advice and Guidance: to provide answers about College policy and procedures, to facilitate your introduction to the MVCC campus; to give sound advice about classroom management; and, to offer guidance about continually improving your teaching;
  • Professional Growth: to serve as a source of information about teaching satisfaction, recruitment/retention and other issues that will better define and help engage you as a member of the College community.