Heidi P., Class of 2019

Student Picture"The Health Information Technology program was an exciting venture for me to expand my knowledge in healthcare for a field I truly love. Yes, it required a lot of hard work, dedication, and time management. I feel as if the overall two-year degree program was well-developed and will challenge you to push the limits on critical thinking and problem solving. It is not enough to go through the motions and learn the material, but it is important to truly understand the material in order to implement what you have learned in a successful career environment. The instructors are always available to help you understand the material and answer any questions you may have which I feel was imperative to my success. I want to thank all of my instructors that I had the pleasure of learning from over the last two years, but a special thank you to Michelle Greene and Karen Getman. I am grateful for all your assistance and would be proud to help the HIT program in the future anyway I can." 

Brittany K., Class of 2019

Student Picture“The HIT program is extremely diverse in its course work, offering flexibility and support every step of the way!” 



Arica A., Class of 2019

Student Picture"I originally signed up for college when I was 18 years old. Needless to say, I never went. Time went by and I found myself taken over by life. I was working full time in a job I was not happy with and working a second job because I could not find employment to pay what I needed to get by. I was in a relationship and had my daughter at the age of 23. I finally decided enough was enough, and I was going to do something better with my life for myself and my family. I decided to sign up for the Medical Coding Certification program at MVCC. I received a phone call from the program coordinator a couple days later and she highly recommended I sign up for the HIT program instead. I thought this sounded much more complicated and knew it would take longer than I wanted it to and was skeptical, but I thought about it and I did sign up for the program. Before I knew it, I was a month deep into my first semester, taking four classes, working two jobs and taking care of my family. It was not easy by any means. As time went by I quickly learned that this program came with the best support system. Every time I had a question there was an answer and even if I just needed someone to talk to about the chaos of it all, I had that, too. The program made me see after the first semester that I was capable of doing it and doing a good job. I was finding myself to be more interested in the material than I had even originally anticipated. Then as I worked through my second and third semesters, I started looking into careers in this field. I applied for employment in coding while I was still in the middle of obtaining my degree. I received a call the next day and was told that I did not qualify for this position in coding, but that I did qualify for another position they had open for a Revenue Cycle Analyst position. I felt so blessed and was so thankful that I had already received so much knowledge from being in the program that I felt more than confident taking the position. So here I was, already employed in the field and only half way through my degree program. This gave me a big boost in confidence. I continued on with the program and worked very hard. I have now completed the HIT program, and I am currently waiting to take the RHIT exam. I feel that this program more than provided me with the skills and knowledge I need to work in this field. I am currently training with the Director of Coding Operations and I have to say that I am not even scared. I am so thankful for the phone call from the program coordinator that day and so happy I said "yes." I know that it seems unrealistic to so many people to get a degree, but I am proof that it is absolutely possible and it will change your life. I do not even have the RHIT credential by my name yet at my work, and all of the individuals I have worked with thus far do not even question my knowledge. They all love working with me and are always trying to find new things for me to do and help with and are always looking for ways to help me advance. I absolutely owe it all to MVCC's HIT program. I recommend it to every single person I talk to looking for a change in their career. It changed my life, it can change yours, too! "