Crime Prevention and Emergency Response

The Department of Public Safety is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment and preventing crime on campus, but your own safety is also a personal responsibility. Small habits can make a big difference when it comes to avoiding problems.

Video Surveillance

In addition to keeping these safety tips in mind, all faculty, staff and students of Mohawk Valley Community College, as well as community guests, should be aware that both Utica and Rome campuses are under video surveillance twenty-four hours a day.

The video surveillance is monitored and recorded as an additional tool to foot patrol, to further ensure the safety and security of everyone on campus. Recorded footage may be used as evidence in a criminal and/or judicial investigation.

The Mohawk Valley Community College Student Handbook states, "At any time a security camera review identifies a person(s) responsible for vandalism or damage, a Conduct Officer reserves the right to complete no further investigation and may expeditiously sanction the responsible person(s). The student will be subject to the standard appeal process." 

False Reporting

The College reserves the right to take action against any individual who has willfully provided a statement/report that is found to be false. The steps that may be taken are outlined under the Student Code of Conduct and on the Office of Human Resources website.

To make a report with the Department of Public Safety, visit our Report a Crime page.