New Directions is a program that serves individuals who were once incarcerated or convicted of a crime, and who have made the decision to pursue higher education at MVCC. For many of these individuals, it is their first time attending classes at the college level.

New Directions not only provides students the opportunity to return to school, but provides opportunities to receive the support that is essential to complete their associate degree and pursue their education or career goals.

New Directions has a team of individuals that responds to the unique needs that students coming out of prison typically encounter, ranging from readjusting to significant relationships to re-acclimating to the community. Candidates are immediately provided with counselors who are very sensitive to their history.   

New Directions provides encouragement and motivation to students in pursuit of their personal and educational goals and takes on each person’s unique needs to provide the one-on-one support and guidance necessary to get them enrolled.

How We Serve the College

New Directions educates society on removing the stigma of incarceration, reduces recidivism, and provides an unbiased approach to inspire growth and personal development through:

  • Assisting in the admissions process for all incoming New Directions students;
  • Referring New Directions students to appropriate resources on campus to address both personal and/or educational needs; and
  • Developing events and workshops and bringing in speakers who work to reduce the stigma surrounding incarceration (have involvement in the criminal justice system).


New Directions Criteria Checklist

Certificate of Release

Release of Confidential Information

Interview Acknowledgment Form

Class Withdrawal


To inspire returning citizens (formerly incarcerated individuals) to reach their academic, career, and personal goals. We encourage students to rebuild their lives by offering hope and an opportunity to foster their imagination, passion, intellectual curiosity, and critical thinking.


All individuals are given a fair and equitable chance to attain an education that changes their lives.

For more information, contact Morris Pearson at 315-792-5871, or