The New Directions program serves individuals involved in the criminal justice system, using a case management approach, to assist students in enrolling at the College and helping the student acquire support services to meet academic requirements for the completion of their degree or certificate.

Individuals that disclose on the Admissions commitment paperwork that they have a felony are asked to meet with a New Directions team member to complete enrollment. Students that are re-matriculated back into the College after a leave of absence, (four semesters or more [two years] not including summers) will then have to meet with a New Directions team member to complete an intake form. New Directions students are designated in Banner as ND.
The program has been in existence since 2005 and has served over 1,228 students.
The population of individuals who were formerly incarcerated is growing tremendously. Research clearly shows that the sooner individuals find meaningful employment and/or are enrolled in institutions for learning are far less likely to re-offend. Therefore, MVCC is affording access to a diverse group of individuals at an affordable rate so that they may become productive members of society and the community.
The New Directions program is designed to provide unique supports that are essential for students that were formerly incarcerated to succeed academically and personally. Being a part of the New Directions program is completely voluntary. Self-disclosing and participation affords you the opportunity to get extra support while attending classes at MVCC.

Students applying for specialized educational programs and/or on-campus housing will be required to meet with a New Directions team member, affording them the opportunity to utilize support services.

While it is not mandatory, the New Directions program would like to extend the invitation to individuals who were formerly incarcerated to receive support and help of any kind so that they do well academically and in their personal lives. While it is not mandatory, we are a resource.
  • MVCC Application
  • An intake form you will complete with a New Directions team member
As a New Directions student, you are afforded support services which include follow-ups with a New Directions team member, referral to needed on-campus services, tutoring, the Learning Commons, registration, counseling re-entry program, and community resources.

People who are ex-offenders will always be “bad” people and those who were formerly incarcerated are making our campus dangerous; we should be afraid. Once a criminal, always a criminal.

Many formerly incarcerated students perform at a high level and have used their time incarcerated as an opportunity for growth and change. 

All formerly incarcerated people look the same. 

Incarceration includes people from a variety of ethnicities, economic backgrounds, religious backgrounds, race, gender, etc.