Bellamy Hall, built in 2005, has many accessibility features, including an exterior automatic door opener, an elevator, accessible laundry and kitchen facilities, and three suites with accessible bathrooms.

South Halls, one of the original Residence Halls (built in 1966, prior to the passage of several significant laws and regulations governing accessibility), has been modified to provide an additional accessible housing option, with exterior automatic door openers, an accessible bathroom and the option of accessible in-room laundry and microwave. First floor entrances to these two buildings are at ground level, but there are no elevators accessing other floors of the buildings.

Other accessibility features include strobe light fire alarms in select rooms and in public areas; these visual alarms are also available in several student rooms. The college also provides noise-activated alarms that vibrate to awaken a sleeping students with hearing impairments.

Procedures are in place to ensure the safe evacuation of students with disabilities in the event of an emergency, and all residence hall personnel and the fire department are advised each semester of the room location of any student(s) who might need assistance in the evacuation process.

Students with disabilities who are planning to live on campus are encouraged to request a tour of the residence halls and to initiate communication about residence hall accessibility as early as possible in the application process – or even before the process begins. Reasonable individualized accommodations are the responsibility of the College, but adequate time is needed to plan and complete modifications and make any necessary purchases.

For more information, contact the Residence Life Office at

315-792-5657 or the Office of Accessibility Resources.