Mohawk Valley Community College is launching our first-ever Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Challenge for 21 days (June 1st to June 21st). This challenge offers an opportunity to raise our awareness and understanding about the community where we all live, work, and play. You will also meet members and leaders from our community as they share how they support, promote, and advance DEI work. Please join community members and organizations to learn together about our diverse neighborhoods and community!

Highlights of the challenge include exploration of the wonderful cultures, issues, and history of various races and ethnicities here in the Utica area and gain a deeper awareness of 'ableism', and women in the sciences. Each day will include various links to TED Talks, articles, videos, websites, and references. Although the amount of time spent on reviewing the daily materials may vary, the challenge is to spend about 20-30 minutes per day absorbing, and then reflecting and sharing what you have learned with others throughout the day.


  • Each day will cover about 30 minutes of material. Materials listed as ‘references’ might be something read or reviewed at a later time.


  • Read, watch, or listen to the content that is being shared each day.
  • Think about the information and how it might be applied to you personally, your team, or your organization.
  • Take notes and share with your colleagues, family, and friends about your learning experiences and how it has affected your perspectives.


The process of reflection helps us to develop our knowledge and understanding more deeply and reshape our cultural perspectives to make it easier to relate and communicate with others. It provides the opportunity to step back and take a look at what our DEI work means to us and our communities. When we truly understand other cultures and see how much we have in common, then we are more likely seek ways to be more equitable and inclusive in our organizations and workplaces.