The DEI resource page is community-supported. MVCC community members are warmly invited to send to their favorite quotes, poems, excerpts, passages from books, articles, and songs that highlight DEI issues. Submissions can also be community stories that focus on understanding others, human empathy, and overcoming barriers and achieving success. The objective of this website is to broaden our understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion while contributing to our collective community voice. This website seeks to support the college’s mission to meet the diverse needs of our students. If all members of the MVCC community keep increasing and enhancing our cultural competence and cultural dexterity, then we will be in a much better position to meet those needs. Please add your voice. Your participation, contributions, and engagement are greatly appreciated.

May Diversity Spotlight: LGBTQ+ Community

Monthly Community Readings

Community’s Picks:  MVCC Library

Faculty Picks: Dr. Melissa Barlett

Tillett Wright has photographed 2,000 people who consider themselves somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum -- and asked many of them: Can you assign a percentage to how gay or straight you are? Most people, it turns out, consider themselves to exist in the gray areas of sexuality, not 100% gay or straight. Which presents a real problem when it comes to discrimination: Where do you draw the line?

Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer’s Pick: Short Video

People have been talking ABOUT the LGBTQ community, so SOUP PANCAKE decided to talk with them to learn from their experiences.