Victims of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking have several options and may choose to use one or more of the following:

  • Counseling
  • Medical care
  • Reporting (with or without prosecution)
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Registering an administrative complaint
  • Civil court action
  • Concurrent actions through both criminal prosecution and the College judicial process
  • No action

We understand that these decisions are often emotional and difficult. MVCC has a policy that is strictly adhered to which strongly condemns sexual harassment in any form as well as sexual assault and rape, which is a criminal offense. The College supports this policy for students, faculty, and staff through its educational awareness programs as well as its public safety, counseling, and medical support services.

If you are sexually assaulted or raped on campus, it is important that you get to a safe place, try to preserve all physical evidence, and contact the Department of Public Safety immediately by dialing x5777 or 911. We realize the decision to report and/or initiate a report or complaint is a difficult one. If at a later date the student decides to report an incident, they can contact the Department of Public Safety. MVCC counselors create a safe, welcoming environment where they can help explain options, give information, and provide emotional support while maintaining confidentiality. MVCC’s Counseling Center strongly recommends the Rape Crisis Hotline for every victim. The hotline can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 315-797-7740. As a matter of policy, if the offender is affiliated with the College, the appropriate office (Judicial Affairs, Human Resources, or Academic Affairs) will be notified.

Both the complainant and respondent in any violent crime are entitled to the same opportunities during a disciplinary hearing. Sanctions for violations of College policies regarding harassment, violence, or sexual assault may include the following measures:

  • Residence hall dismissal
  • College dismissal

Judicial Procedures are explained in further detail in the Student Handbook. Please also refer to the Department of Public Safety webpage for the most current security procedures.

For more information, refer to Your Right To Know.