January 2020: Census Questionnaire Assistance will be available to answer general questions about the census from mid-January through early September 2020, However, the self-response period for the telephone option will run from mid-March through the end of July.

February: The Census Bureau will contact administrators of group quarters (military barracks, college residence halls, prisons, and skilled nursing homes, among others) in advance of the enumeration of these locations, which will occur in April.

March 12: The internet self-response periods will start as households begin to receive invitations to respond, either through the mail or hand-delivered to households in many rural and remote areas. Households may continue to self-respond through July 31.

March 30: Service-Based Enumeration will begin. This three-day/night enumeration occurs at shelter locations that provide services for people experiencing homelessness, and targeted outdoor locations where people experiencing homelessness sleep.

April 1: Census Day! Respondents do not have to wait until April 1 to respond but should include everyone who will be a "usual resident" on April 1. If people aren't sure, they can wait until April 1 to respond.

April: Group quarters will be counted during April.

May 13: Nonresponsive Follow-up (NRFU) will begin. During NRFU, the Census Bureau will follow up with households that did not self-respond to the census by sending reminders and/or visiting in person. NRFU will continue through July. (In communities with large numbers of off-campus college students, NRFU will begin on April 9 to reach students before the academic term ends.)