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MVCC is an open admissions institution, as are all community colleges within the SUNY system. We will provide educational services to all who demonstrate they can benefit from them. The open admissions format does not require that applicants compete for space based on past performance, superior grades or standardized test scores; however, many of our programs have prerequisite requirements. These prerequisites are stated so that applicants are aware of the level of difficulty within the program. If applicants do not possess the appropriate prerequisite background, it may be recommended that they begin their college program in an alternate major or they may be required to take remedial courses equivalent to those entry prerequisites.

You may not need to complete an MVCC Admissions application.

If you are just looking to take a class offered at MVCC, but do not seek financial aid or to complete a degree or certificate, complete our non-matriculated student application. Students often look to enroll in one of our courses to get ahead in their current job or as they seek new opportunities, or if they are currently attending another college or university, but want to get ahead. If this is your plan and you do not seek any financial aid, then you do not need to complete the MVCC application. Click on the link provided in this section to register for a class of your choice. (Please note: Some courses offered at MVCC have prerequisites, so you may need to show proof of prior coursework completion or seek Academic Dean approval to register.)

Have You Previously Attended MVCC?

This application page is for new students. Once you have filed an application, please do not re-apply or request a change of major by re-filing an application. New students wishing to change a major should contact Admissions directly at 315-792-5354.

If you have previously been enrolled at the college in a degree or certificate program, do not use any of the applications here to re-apply to the college. To re-enroll, contact the Student Services Center at 315-731-5710 or Rome Student Services at 315-334-7709.

On this page, you have access to four (4) types of Admissions Applications for new students. Click on the link below for the application appropriate to your needs and student type:

Applications for Domestic Applicants

1. Online Application for Domestic Applicants

Click on the link above to complete our FREE online applications. To submit an online application, you will need:

If you do not want to start an email account and/or do not want to submit your Social Security Number electronically, please use #2, the printable application.

2. Printable Application for Domestic Applicants

Application for International Applicants

3. Online Application for International Applicants

Click on the link above to complete our FREE online International Student application. (those who will need an F-1 student Visa in order to attend the college)

4. Printable Application for International Applicants (those who will need an F-1 student Visa in order to attend the college)

If, for any reason, you encounter problems in completing either of the domestic applications, you can call the Admissions Office at 315-792-5354. International applicants can call 315-792-5350 or email us at:

To complete your application, please don't forget to send:

*  Official High School Transcript or Equivalency Diploma (GED)
*  Previous College Transcripts (if appropriate)

Special Admission

(Admission of non-high school graduates)

Undocumented immigrants, non-high school graduates, home schooled students who cannot provide evidence of "equivalent education" according to New York State Education Law, correspondence diploma recipients, students who attend a non-registered high school, and those who have completed an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Diploma are considered non-high school graduates and must apply for admission under the Special Admission category. All applicants in this category must complete an application for admission and pass an "Ability-to-Benefit" (ATB) test before being accepted for enrollment at the college

All applicants who wish to apply for Special Admission must contact the Admissions Office at 315-792-5354 to arrange for an interview to discuss:

  • The specific ability-to-benefit test you must take
  • Passing scores on the test needed to enroll
  • Program enrollment restrictions
  • Completion of a New York State GED through college course work

All transcripts must be original official copies and become the property of the College upon receipt.

Send to:
Admissions Office
Mohawk Valley Community College
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica, NY 13501